Ribbon cable 4 wires for xbox one dvd


I am looking for a ribbon connector that goes on my board for my dvd xbox one, I broke it and I want replace it


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key Tech Forum. I tried to see what the pitch or pin spacing of the connector. I was not able to read this or make an accurate guess. Can you provide the center to center spacing of the pins? You could just measure the width of the ribbon cable and divide by 4. If you can include also the length you need. Then we can sure see if we have something to offer. Thank you.

Hello, thank you to answer me so fast, the witdh of the ribbon cable is 5mm the length of the old connector was 5mm

possibly Click here

it more depends on the pitch of the contacts ( lead spacing ) My guess is 1MM

I need the connector not the ribbon cable The ribbon cable have with 5mm 4 pins II would say space between pin 1mm

ok what is the pitch on the contacts are they 1mm pitch ?

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I am not sure of the pitch of the contact but i know the ribbon is width is 5mm and there is 4 contacts

ok then 1mm pitch has to be correct.

I am not sure but what do you think the rubban width is 5mm there is 4 contacts + 4 spaces +2 spaces each at the end of the ribbon for a total 10 equal spaces on the ribbon 5/10=.5mm The pith is .5mm

Am I right ?

the pitch is contact to contact the connectors have space on sides to fit the cables The ribbon cable pitch at 4 x 1mm 4mm plus you have 1mm on the sides you will have room that will fit in the connector

Finally Where sure its connector with pitch 1mm , can you suggest me and what is the minimum It cost not enough to order this connector, and how to weld correctly

what is the style that you need surface mount or through hole right angle or is that mounted vertical with the board ?

here is a selection for you to look at Click here

I think its surface mount , but what tool I can used to weld , is there a miniature welder ?

you would have to solder the parts the parts in the position

you can find several examples in "how to solder smd connector " in u tube or just a general search

I will need a small pliers and roll of weld .3mm a tube of flux

You might try 378SMMN-ND as a pliers (though you may want tweezers); On the flux pen (Link) there are a variety of options.

I am not actually sure on what a roll of weld is.

I am ready to order but they told me it comes from usa could you verify my order and make sure it comes from canada

I can verify that we ship the grand majority of parts (save special cases and marketplace parts) out of Thief River Falls Minnesota.

We do not have a warehouse location out of Canada.

How long normally from the us if its in stock