Ribbon Cable Intra-Connector


The Intra-Connector is a in-line mate for the standard .10" x .10" (2.54mm x 2.54mm) Socket connector or PC board mount header.
The Intra-Connector will have one set of female contact and two sets of male contacts that will be at right angles.

The part numbers that Digi-Key has available are:
20 pin = 922576-20-ND
26 pin = 922576-26-ND
40 pin = 922576-40-ND
50 pin = 922576-50-ND
60 pin = 922576-60-ND

These connectors provide both straight in and right angle connections for daisy chaining or testing purposes.

They can be a great connector to use with the Intra-Switch.

Intra-Switch for Socket connctors