RLINK debugger cross

Hello - this post is just to point out the the old obsolete STX-RLINK debugger/programmer has a direct replacement of RLINK-STD from IoTize.

Can be used on:
STM8 / ST7 / uPSD / STM32 / STR7 / STR9 products

Pat, I’d like to know if the RLINK-STD support WIN7 and WIN10 system with its USB drivers. Also, in the package are included an installation CD and the adaptor PCBs ?

Hello Luis,

Welcome to the Digi-Key forum. Below is what information we were be able to obtain.

• Does the RLink driver support Windows 7 and Windows 10?
o Officially we support Windows 10.
o We no longer test on Windows 7 and 8, but we have not had any support requests indicating problems with these versions. The only issues that occurred were related to the driver install being aborted. See below.
o Sometimes the RLink driver was not installed because:
 The user closed the driver install pop-up or canceled the install during the Ride7/RKit installation. In this case the user can still launch the install manually. After installing Ride7 and an RKit on their PC, the RLink driver installer is found in this directory on their PC: C:\Raisonance\Ride\Driver\RLinkDrv\RLinkUSBInstall.exe
 Old versions of the driver in legacy versions of the Ride7 and the RKits were not signed. With Windows 8, the installation of the unsigned RLink driver was ignored without notifying the user. There is an FAQ on this topic here: Why does RLink USB driver installation fail for Windows 8 ? | Raisonance Extranet

• Is a CD with the software provided?
o No CD is provided. We stopped providing the CDs many years ago because obsolete versions of the software on CDs caused too many support requests.
o All Raisonance software is available for download on our support web site ( http://support.raisonance.com/ ). By providing these downloads online, we also provide several legacy versions of the software for users who want to use a specific version the compiler toolchain.
• Are adapters included with the RLink?
o Yes, connection adapters are provided for the advertised supported device families (ARM Cortex, STM8, ST7) are included in the box.
o We also provide the schematics for the connection adapters on the support web site in this FAQ: Where can I find the RLink connectors schematics and signal details ? | Raisonance Extranet