SAB MOSFETs for Balancing and OVP


The SAB mosfets as described in their datasheets claims to balance and protect Supercapacitors. They also have evaluation board for each function. Literally its two ICs doing the their own functions in balancing and protecting.

Can both these functions be accomplished with one IC ? Theoretically the SABMBOVP2xx protects against Over Voltage but the IC is selected based on the leakage current so it should balance them as well. Is my assumption correct here or would i need to add another IC for balancing them ? This Post is a follow-up on my previous post.

Thanks in advance.

To a first approximation, “protect” and “balance” in this context are different words for the same thing; preventing violation of voltage limits for individual elements of a series-connected capacitor array. From that standpoint, only one IC is needed.

That said, I’m not confident that I understand the thought process behind your question; if the above does not speak to the nature of your inquiry, I’d kindly ask you to re-phrase/amplify to help me better understand the question.

Hi Rick,

My concern is if the SAB mosftet can simultaneously balance and protect from over voltage a 3s2p pack of supercapacitors.

Balancing the pack as mentioned in the datasheet of ALD910016 and Over Voltage Protection with 3 external P-Channel MOSFETs mentioned here.

Both of the examples mentioned do essentially the same thing; and only differ slightly in terms of the the amount of current flow that’s expected to pass when the protection devices are active. “Protection” against overcharge from an external power source is likely to involve higher current flows than “balancing” made needful by device leakage.

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Thank you Rick.