Samsung MLCC capacitors size control code

The part numbering system of Samsung MLCC capacitors on p-6 defines 2 packaging codes in the part number of the products:
size code” and
size control code

The “size code” defines Industry standard EIA size in inches (Metric size in mm)
The “size control code” defines the deviation from “Normal” size

Normal” size - letter “N” (#9) in the p/n, defines Industry standard size tolerance while other letters in this field define other (larger) possible deviations
These tolerances/deviations should be taken into consideration while ordering the part or using it as an alternative to another vendor

Let’s look at the example:

  1. P/N CL05A225KQ5NNNC (1276-1172-1-ND)
    The spec sheet shows the following:

  2. P/N CL05A225KA5NUNC (1276-1460-1-ND)
    The spec sheet shows the following: