Samtec Connector Reflow Soldering Information

Samtec manufactures a great many useful board-mounted connectors. A question we see often concerning these connectors is what sort of solder and assembly processing they can tolerate and whether they’ll be damaged by automated manufacturing techniques such as wave or reflow soldering.

While Samtec does not offer a one-size-fits-all reflow profile for their connectors, they do stand by their parts. All Samtec SMT components are lead-free reflow compatible and adhere to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020. This means they can withstand a peak temperature of 260C, and can withstand 30 seconds of temperatures of up to 255C. These components are rated good through three reflow cycles, according to the manufacturer’s own testing.

Samtec does recommend taking into account the processes and parameters given by the manufacturer of whichever solder you opt to use. Your board layout and application may also impact the best practices recommended for your assembly process. Always make sure to test your process whenever you possibly can and ensure you read and understand the documentation for your solder as well as your components.

For more information on Samtec connector processing, check out Samtec’s documentation below:
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