Samtec's High Vibration MMCX Connectors


Samtec manufactures a series of High Vibration MMCX connectors, marked as ‘MMCXV’ as per Samtec’s drawing for the parts.

These devices are useful in applications which are expected to see a lot of vibration or jostling and can provide a much more reliable mating interface for applications such as wearable devices, but there is a caveat. These ‘MMCXV’ parts do not intermate with normal MMCX parts, as one might expect from an MMCX standardized connector. A Samtec High Vibration MMCX jack has to mate to a High Vibration MMCX plug; attempts to go from an MMCXV connector to a normal MMCX connector will result in a failure to properly mate and incompatible parts. Keep this in mind when making coaxial connector selections for your next project.
Jack Plug

Applicable Part Numbers