SCAP,PBLS-1.0/27 supercapacitor

SCAP,PBLS-1.0/27 supercapacitor -
is there a connector/adaptor to connect these in series? it has 4 cables connected to a 4 pin connector.

Hello Pawor,

Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to the community.

The connector housing used on this supercap is Molex Part Number 874390400

The manufacturer’s mating connectors for this housing are intended to be mounted on a circuit board, They can be found by clicking here

Thank you. i have ordered Morlex 4 Rectangular Connectors - Housings Receptacle as suggested… if worst I can chop the cable and put in a connector block and join them.

I am sorry, there is not a direct way to connect 4 in series. No adapter made for that.