Seeking for BXRC-35E10KO-C-83

Is there anybody to advice me, where i m able to get BXRC-35E10KO-C-83?

Thank you.

Looks like BXRC-35E10K0-C-73-SE would be the closest that we stock. You could take a look and see if that might work for you.

If not we could check with the product manager to see if the BXRC-35E10K0-C-83 is available to order.

I am also looking for a Gen 8 Vero 29: BXRC-35E10K0-B-83-SE
Do you have this or any other Gen 8 SE chips in stock? I’d like the increased efficiency of the Gen 8’s over the Gen 7’s if possible.

Hello astro, welcome to the Forum. At this time we do not have BXRC-35E10K0-B-83-SE.
We do have one Gen 8 Vero 29 available to order. That part number is BXRC-50C10K1-B-83-SE, which is 5,000K vs your requested 3,500K.
This part is not in stock at the moment, but you can still place an order using that link, if you’re interested.

I realize it can be hard to predict, but do you think you will be stocking the 3000k,3500k or 4000k (5000k is too high for my needs) anytime soon, say within the next month or two?
Thanks for the info

I checked with my Product Specialist to see if he has any indication of when we’ll be stocking more of the Gen 8 3000K, 3500K or 4000K, but he was wasn’t able to give an expected timeline for these parts.