Select CO2 sensor for a reefer container

I just found the O2 sensor 1782-PS4-O2-25%-ND, I need to know all essential elements for it to read CO2 level using a microcontroller. Thank you.

Are you using this oxygen sensor?

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I am considering SGX-4OX, you can provide me all essential elements for it. Thank you.

I only found this datasheet.

Based on a quick reading of the data sheet, the sensor is a diode where the current through it into a 100 ohm load resistor varies from 70uA to 130uA over the measurement range.

That means you need to measure a signal range of only 6 mV.

Found an application note with a recommended circuit, see page 7.

The very tricky part will be designing the low noise analog and ADC circuits that don’t completely lose the 6 mV full scale variation in the higher amplitude random noise always present on most of the surface of the earth.

In a reefer container the problems multiply due to the refrigeration equipment and being in a overall higher than average, close to industrial, electrical noise environment.

If you have never done such difficult analog design before and this is for your work, I highly recommend you hire an electronics circuit designer with experience in low voltage signals in high noise environments.