Selecting Fiber Optic Components

I’m creating a fiber optic sensor using single mode fiber that induces microbends in the fiber, which will be picked up by an OTDR. This sensor will need to sense over 100+m and have and be able to detect changes in the fiber on a mm to sub mm scale.
I could use some help in choosing the fiber and OTDR interrogator for this task.

Hello sam.nowak41 and welcome to the Forum.

If you are looking at our catalog the only option that comes to mind single mode OTDR is 930XC-20M. Accuracy of the unit is ±(1m + 5 X .00001 x distance + sampling space) or in excess of ±1.005m in your case of 100+m. Note that I was not able to find a unit with mm or sub mm accuracy.

The cable you select should correlate to the connector you need. See our stock of fiber optic cable in the single mode.

Thank you for the quick reply!