SEMTECH Diode Arrays: Fast Recovery, Doubler, Center Taps

Without a document to explain the product code, the difference between SEMTECH SCDxxx, SCPxxx, and SCNxxx diode arrays may not be clear. Here is a basic guide to help choose the correct type.

The product code positions to note are located at ‘x’ in SC^Axx or SC^Axxx. All of these SEMTECH arrays belong to the Standard or Fast Recovery, Doubler, and Center Tap product line. Use the following datasheets for reference.

Standard recovery: [click here ]

Fast recovery: [click here ]

D = Doubler. Two diodes are connected anode to cathode, so current flow is in series.
P = Positive Center Tap. Two diodes are connected cathode to cathode, so current flow is additive.
N = Negative Center Tap. Two diodes are connected anode to anode.

For the ‘x’ in SC^Ax or SC^Axx, there will be a number from the set (05, 1, 2, 4, or 6). This indicates the Working Reverse Voltage values of 50, 100, 200, 400, and 600 volts (Vrms).

In any case where the last character beyond the Vrms value is ‘F’, the array is one of the fast recovery types. Without any character beyond the Vrms value, it is the standard recovery type.

Note the “Absolute Maximum Ratings” and “Electrical Characteristics” sections of the corresponding datasheets to see some of the main differences between standard and fast recovery types.







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