Sensata 6700 Series Thermostat Switching Temp vs Reset Temp

When you are looking at the 6700 Series thermostat from Sensata Technology there are three main features you want to look at.

First is the thermostat Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC)? When you look at the part number breakdown at the bottom of the page you can see that the third digit of the part number will indicate this. If that digit is an “F” than it is a Fan or Normally Open and the circuit will close once it reached the Switching Temperature. If that digit is an “L” that it is a Limit or Normally Closed and the circuit with open once it reaches the Switching Temperature.

Switching Temperature is listed in the part number in Degrees Celsius and will be the temperature that the thermostat would change from normally open to closed or normally closed to open.

Reset Temperature is the temperature the thermostat would reset back to its Normal state.

For this example I will use part 67F050 which is a normally open thermostat. If you were using this to control a fan your fan would remain off until the temperature reached 50°C (122°F) and then would stay on until you reached the reset temperature of 30°C (86°F) when the thermostat would open again.

6700 Series Part Numbers

67F100 67F050 67L080 67L060 67L090 67L050 67L065 67L110 67F080 67F070 67F085 67F090 67F060 67F045 67F040 67F105 67L085 67L075 67L120 67L100 67L070 67L095 67F095 67F120 67F115 67F050P 67F060P 67F070P 67F045P 67F090P 67L080P 67F095P 67F100P 67F055 67F075 67F110 67F065 67F130 67F040-0406 67F045-0407 67F050-0012 67F050-0310 67F050-0353 67F055-0408 67F060-0304 67F060-0354 67F060-0399 67F065-0057 67F065-0305 67F065-0409 67F070-0058 67F070-0355 67F075-0059 67F075-0067 67F075-0410 67F085-0236 67F085-0357 67F090-0068 67F090-0358 67F095-0142 67F095-0220 67F095-0359 67F100-0103 67F100-0106 67F100-0128 67F100-0360 67F105-0235 67F105-0361 67F110-0102 67F110-0148 67F110-0362 67F115-0301 67F115-0363 67F120-0302 67F120-0364 67F125-0365 67F130-0105 67F130-0299 67F130-0303 67F130-0366 67L040-0271 67L040-0401 67F085-0201 67F125 67F050-0316 67F050-0381 67F060-0317 67F060-0382 67F070-0318 67F070-0383 67F075-0465 67F080-0319 67F080-0356 67F080-0384 67F085-0320 67F085-0385 67F085-0432 67F090-0263 67F090-0386 67F090-0460 67F095-0466 67F100-0264 67F100-0387 67F100-0461 67F105-0297 67F105-0324 67F105-0388 67F110-0265 67F110-0389 67F110-0462 67L040 67L045 67L045-0272 67L045-0402 67L050-0273 67L050-0325 67L050-0341 67L055 67L055-0274 67L055-0403 67L060-0275 67L060-0342 67L065-0276 67L065-0404 67L070-0277 67L070-0343 67L075-0278 67L075-0405 67L080-0038 67L080-0075 67L080-0226 67L080-0244 67L080-0279 67L080-0326 67L080-0344 67L085-0202 67L085-0280 67L085-0345 67L090-0041 67L090-0076 67L090-0120 67L090-0181 67L090-0281 67L090-0327 67L090-0346 67L095-0282 67L095-0347 67L095-0456 67L100-0190 67L100-0203 67L100-0243 67L100-0283 67L100-0339 67L105 67L105-0024 67L105-0074 67L105-0284 67L105-0348 67L110-0210 67L110-0285 67L110-0340 67L115 67L115-0286 67L115-0349 67L120-0144 67L120-0287 67L120-0350 67L125 67L125-0288 67L125-0351 67L125-0379 67L130 67L130-0036 67L130-0049 67L130-0229 67L130-0289 67L130-0291 67L130-0352 67L085-0481 67L050-0321 67L050-0367 67L060-0322 67L060-0368 67L070-0323 67L070-0369 67L075-0332 67L075-0415 67L080-0250 67L080-0370 67L085-0251 67L085-0371 67L090-0249 67L090-0372 67L095-0231 67L095-0252 67L095-0373 67L100-0253 67L100-0374 67L105-0254 67L105-0375 67L110-0255 67L110-0376 67L115-0256 67L115-0377 67L120-0257 67L120-0378 67L125-0258 67L130-0259 67L130-0380 67F110P 67F105P 67F040P 67F055P 67F065P 67F075P 67F080P 67F085P 67F125P 67F130P 67L075-0026 67L050P 67L065P 67L070P 67L075P 67L085P 67L090P 67L095P 67L100P 67L105P 67L110P 67L120P 67L040P 67L055P 67F062-0234 67F075-0239 67F110-0474 67F040-0133 67F045-0185 67F050-0397 67F055-0188 67L055-0054 67L070-0225 67L090-0162 67F065-0116 67F085-0125 67F090-0294 67F095-0082 67L050-0189 67L055-0186 67L085-0173 67L090-0168 67L090-0182 67L095-0192 67L095-0194 67L095-0216 67L105-0044 67L125-0145 67L130-0113 67F095-0098 67F110-0309 67F040-0093 67F045-0150 67F050-0127 67F053-0015 67F060-0306 67F062-0200 67F065-0108 67F065-0307 67F065-0400 67F070-0138 67F073-0062 67F075-0073 67F080-0139 67F080-0161 67F085-0091 67F090-0053 67F090-0140 67F090-0238 67F092-0315 67F095-0117 67F100-0023 67F100-0237 67F105-0163 67F115-0248 67L055-0398 67L065-0204 67L068-0114 67L070-0428 67L075-0037 67L075-0048 67L075-0429 67L080-0107 67L080-0174 67L080-0314 67L080-0430 67L083-0066 67L085-0143 67L085-0431 67L090-0160 67L092-0177 67L095-0118 67L095-0290 67L095-0298 67L096-0119 67L105-0176 67L115-0134 67L115-0396 67L118-0184 67F057-0095 67F089-0092 67F095-0052 67F098-0123 67F105-0045 67L093-0109