Sensirion Onepager Gas chromatography

Sensirion Onepager Gas chromatography

image Water ingress and high humidity monitoring for more reliability

From clinical research to forensics, separating the different compounds of a gas mixture is a key step in various processes. Gas chromatography is a major method for such applications, providing fast, precise and versatile operation. Sensirion’s mass flow controllers offer accurate measurements with unmatched repeatability down to a few liters/hour.

image Application challenges

  1. Accurate mixing of the carrier and sample is vital for a precise result

  2. Various carrier gases can be used, and the system requires lengthy factory calibration

  3. Repeatability is crucial to ensure a reliable measurement

image Sensirion’s solution

  1. High accuracy, repeatability, and fast response time

  2. Factory-calibrated digital sensor for multiple gases and temperatures

  3. Unmatched repeatability down to sub-ml/min

image Sensirion sensor solution:

SFC5500 versatile mass flow controller with best-in-class performance

Additional sensor features

  1. Both mass flow meter and mass flow controller versions available

  2. Several communication interfaces and fittings available

Other applications

Thermal Analysis
Mass Spectrometry
Semiconductor Manufacturing


- What gases can the sensor be calibrated for?

Standard calibration gases: Air/N2, H2, O2, He, Ar, CO2

On request we calibrate by gas conversion for: SF6, C4F8, CF4, NH3, SiH4, N2O, O3, CO, CH4, CH3F, Xe, Ne, Kr (+ other gases on request, not compatible with aggressive gases)

- What are the wetted materials?

Body: Aluminum; On request: Stainless steel or plastic
Sensor: Silicon (Si), Silicon Oxide (SiOx), Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), Stainless steel, Glass, Glob Top
Sealing: FKM (Fluorine Kautschuk Material); On request: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber) / FFKM

Valve: Brass, FKM; On request: Stainless steel, EPDM/FFKM

- Which fittings can be used?

Downmount fittings with manifold

- Which communication interfaces are available?

RS485, DeviceNet, IO-Link, SHDLC, Modbus

- Is the sensor’s response compensated for temperature and pressure?

The sensor is temperature compensated.