Sensirion Liquid Flow Products – The Basics

Sensirion Liquid Flow Products – The Basics


• High level product overview

• 3 Steps to integration support

• Motivation for using Sensirion Liquid Flow Products

• Basic Liquid Flow Use Cases

Tried and tested CMOSens for Flow measurements:

• Fast response time

• Excellent repeatability

• Inert wetted materials

Sensirion’s liquid flow sensors include a wide portfolio of solutions. Flow rates range from single nanoliters to over 100 milliliters per minute. Burst pressures can reach 1200 bar and the physical size can be as small as 10 x 10 mm² and even single use sensors are available.



Sensirion Liquid Flow Products – 3 steps to integration support

1. Identify

Using available resources to identify required sensor:

• Flow rate

• Wetted materials

• Pressure

2. First tests – Flow meter and Eval. Kits

First tests are easy to run and support with a Flow Meter or Evaluation Kit.

The kit comes with a sensor, cables, as well as software.

3. Sensor integration

Support the customer with integration:

• Support using our I²C integration guide

• Use

• Supply OEM versions of the sensors

Sensirion Liquid Flow Products – Motivation

1. Volume and Washing Validation

Validate reagent and sample volumes, as well as washing and flushing cycles.

2. Feedback Loop

Precise flow control, with a sensor and pump feedback loop.

3. Leak Detection

Detect leaks and air bubbles in fluidic systems.

4. Detect Drifts and Occlusions

Monitor liquid handling steps to avoid long term changes and drifts. Detect partial or complete occlusion. Added security through failure detection.

5. Optimized Processes

Constant and optimized processes create stable results and peace of mind.

Basic Liquid Flow Use Cases – Validate Volumes and Washing Processes


Without Sensirion:

• Pumps as only source of feedback

• No further failure detection

With Sensirion:

• Monitor:

• Dispensed volume

• Flow rate

• Temperature


• Detect air in line

• Detect long term drifts in motors, gears and valves

• Validate washing process

Basic Liquid Flow Use Cases – Feedback Loop


Without Sensirion:

• Pulsating flow

• Adverse effects on:

• Reactions

• Timing

• Stability

With Sensirion:

• Stabilized flow

• Increased:

• (Long term) stability

• Repeatability

• Predictability

Basic Liquid Flow Use Cases – Calibrating and Monitoring Complex Systems


Without Sensirion:

• Calibrate every fluidic path individually

• Fine tuning is only possible over long measurement times against external references

With Sensirion:

• Accelerate calibration process of every system:

• Characterize…

• Optimize…

• Stabilize…

… with real time flow data.

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