Monitoring Different Liquids with Sensirion Flow Sensors

Can the liquid flow meter be used to monitor liquids it has not originally been calibrated for by Sensirion? Yes you can. You need to select the standard calibration field that best matches your fluid’s chemical composition. For example, the water calibration can be used for saline solutions, or the hydrocarbon calibration can be used for lubricant oils. Matching calibration fields will increase the possibility of a more linear response from the sensor. A good rule of thumb is to use the IPA(isopropyl alcohol) calibration for all liquids that do not contain any water. Below is a cutout from the LG01-2000A005 datasheet talking about non-H2O liquids.

Screenshot (5)

No matter what fluid you measure, your liquid flow meter is capable of a high repeatability. All media have a typical value repeatability range of 0.8% to 1.5%, which is dependent on the flow meter at hand. This allows you to use the sensor as a precise relative gauge when liquid flow is required to stay within an acceptable range. The sensor’s output can be compared to set maximum and minimum flow rates and used as upper and lower thresholds for reference. The liquid flow meter can then monitor process repeatability within verified acceptable limits. Absolute values can vary from sensor to sensor, the tolerance band must be newly set for each individual flow meter.

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