Sensirion Onepager - Chemical dosing and dispensing

Sensirion Onepager - Chemical dosing and dispensing

imagePrecise control and validation of dosing

Chemical dispensing applications such as car wash systems or soap dispensing are processes requiring precise dosing of chemicals to ensure the best process performance. This is especially important when using expensive chemicals. The procedure requires choosing the proper controls that are compatible with the chemistry while providing the accuracy and repeatability necessary for the process. There are many challenges associated with the chemicals being dosed, such as potential air bubbles and viscosity.

image Application challenges

  1. Dosing the right amount of chemical in solutions/mixtures

  2. Handling of highly concentrated chemicals

  3. Detecting bubbles and empty bottles/bags (reduced maintenance)

image Sensirion’s solution

  1. Precise flow measurement

  2. Compatible with highly viscous liquids

  3. Air in line and bubble detection flag

image Sensirion sensor solution

SLF3S-4000B: Flow rates up to 600 ml/min

Additional sensor features

  1. Media recognition (at stop flow conditions)

  2. Liquid temperature sensing and temperature compensation

  3. Calibrated digital output

  4. Chemically robust material

Other applications

Mass Air-Flow applications

Analytical instruments

Coolant monitoring in CNC machines

Commercial cleaning and laundry systems



- Which fittings are available?

Barbed connectors for 6mm tubing (inner diameter)

- Which communication interfaces are available?

I²C protocol or RS485 with proprietary SHDLC – Sensirion High-Level Data Link Control is a Byte-oriented master-slave communication protocol based on ISO HDLC.

-Do I need to periodically calibrate the liquid flow sensor?

A correction factor for the different chemicals must be obtained.

- At which pressure range can the SLF3S-4000B operate?

up to 3bar

- Which are the wetted materials?

PPS (Poly-Phenylene Sulfide), stainless steel, epoxy

- Is the SLF3x compliant with high (or low) pH liquids?