Servo Motor Control IC to control multiple motors

Hi I am a novice so please take it easy on me.
I am building a hexapod that has 12 servo motors all these 12 servo motors are to be controlled by my Arduino Mega. I have already learnt how to control servo motor with a controller like arduino and was able to control multiple servos (4 servos) simultaneously using the Arduino. I was able to crack the programming and now I am confident to control about writing the program to control all my 12 servo motors, but confused on designing the hardware part for it. All my knowledge on servo motors comes from this servo motors basics article and if I understood correctly every servo will consume different current based on the load applied to it. And the starting current and operating current values should be mentioned on the datasheet.

I am using the SG92R servo motors from adafruit. But I am not sure how much current my servo will consume when I am all 12 motors are operating. I might be able to get away without knowing this by choosing a higher C rated lipo battery but to design the servo controller section I badly need these values.

So what can I do here? Should I do some testes to find the current? I only have a simple multimeter and not even a clamp meter. Please advice


A device such as the 1568-1718-ND can facilitate control of 16 servos from an Arduino-type platform.

As for current requirements, the safe bet is to design for the worst-case scenario, which is where all servos in the system are stalled and thus drawing maximum current simultaneously. If you can find that figure documented somewhere, great–otherwise it should be simple enough to measure. Companies like Adafruit, Seeed, etc. that cater to hobbyist/student markets often omit a great deal of very useful information from product documentation in the interest of making it seem less imposing, so in using such products one must often make one’s own measurements or try to track down documentation from the original manufacturer of an item in question.