TB67H420FTG Dual/Single Motor Driver Questions

Hello, I’m trying to use a TB67H420FTG for a school project in dual channel mode (part # 2183-2999-ND).

The data sheet says the max continuous current for dual channel mode is 1.7A per channel (both “A” and “B”) and 3.4A for single channel mode (only 1 channel “A” operational). The two motors I will have hooked up run on ~3A each. For my application only one motor will be on at any given moment. Is it possible to output up to 3.4A on one channel in dual channel mode while only one motor is running?

I’m also using an Arduino to provide logic; what pins do I need connected on the driver besides INA1, INA2, PWMA, INB1, INB2, PWMB?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Current drawn by motor loads is roughly proportional to torque output; your actual loads may or may not land near the 3A figure mentioned.

I’d strongly recommend reading the datasheet for the IC used on that board; it describes the capacities, limitations, and functions of the IC itself, rather than those of the particular 3rd party implementation sold as the part number in question.

Doing so would indicate that the chip is quite capable of sourcing 3A from both channels simultaneously, if sufficient cooling is provided. The ~1.7A figure mentioned is not an electrical limitation, it’s a thermal limitation imposed by the thermal characteristics of the implementation in question. Thermally, 3.4A from one channel at a time is comparable to 1.7A from both; what you propose seems reasonably likely to work from that standpoint. Should things become unacceptably warm, adding a bit of fan cooling and/or a small heat sink such as a V5618A should help significantly.

In addition to the pins named, you’ll want to tie the TBLKAB and HBMODE pins to the appropriate logic states for the configuration you desire.