Skyworks Si534x, Si538x, Si5332 Programming Adapter Socket Dongles

Skyworks adapter socket dongles for the Si534x, Si538x, Si5332 Synthesizer/Multiplier evaluation board can be found below, depending on the series, IC part number, and chip package type being used:


Click here for Dev Board Programmer CBPROG-DONGLE (336-3255-ND)
When used with ClockBuilder Pro software, the ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer makes it simple for systems designers to develop, program, and debug any Si5332/8, Si5350/1/6/7, Si534x/6x/8x/9x, Si540x, and Si55xx part families clock device “in-system,” or in one of the convenient QFN sockets. The field programmer supports I2C or SPI interfaces to the host system, and SPI to the field programmer’s QFN socket boards.

Several sockets are supported for monitoring or programming a loose device. The following table summarizes available sockets:

The 32-pin, 40-pin, 44-pin, 48-pin, 56-pin, 64-pin, and 72-pin sockets pictured in the following pages are available separately as part numbers. The ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer resources including schematics, layout files, and BOM can be found at Note that the sockets are sold as separate kits.

Field Programmer Kit Contents:

The diagram below shows how the Field Programmer kit is intended to be the bridge between a computer running ClockBuilder Pro software (CBPro) and the QFN socket adapter boards/customer PCB for in-system firmware and volatile programming.

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Datasheet: UG286: ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer Kit
Resource ~ Skyworks

336-3256-ND SI538X4X-64SKT-DK
336-4096-ND SI5332-32SKT-DK
336-4097-ND SI5332-40SKT-DK
336-3257-ND SI538X4X-44SKT-DK
336-4538-ND SI538X4X-56SKT-DK
336-4098-ND SI5332-48SKT-DK
863-SI5332-48AM3SKT-DK-ND SI5332-48AM3SKT-DK
863-SI5332-40LGASKT-DK-ND SI5332-40LGASKT-DK
863-SI5332-48LGASKT-DK-ND SI5332-48LGASKT-DK
Socket Module - QFN
Socket Module - LGA
336-3778-ND SI5342-D-EVB
336-3780-ND SI5345-D-EVB
336-3776-ND SI5340-D-EVB
336-3777-ND SI5341-D-EVB
336-5115-ND SI5344H-EVB
336-5650-ND SI5348-E-EVB
336-3782-ND SI5347-D-EVB
336-3779-ND SI5344-D-EVB
336-3781-ND SI5346-D-EVB
336-3061-ND SI5347-EVB
336-3062-ND SI5345-EVB
336-3063-ND SI5341-EVB
SI5340-EVB-ND SI5340-EVB
336-3742-ND SI5342-EVB
336-3743-ND SI5344-EVB
SI5346-EVB-ND SI5346-EVB
336-3246-ND SI5348-EVB
SI5348-D-EVB-ND SI5348-D-EVB
SI5324-EVB-ND SI5324-EVB
SI5325/26-EVB-ND SI5325/26-EVB
SI5327-EVB-ND SI5327-EVB
336-2555-ND SI5328-EVB
SI53208-EVB-ND SI53208-EVB
336-SI53258-A-EVB-ND SI53258-A-EVB
336-1142-ND SI5320-EVB
336-1144-ND SI5321-EVB
336-5114-ND SI5322/23-EVB
336-3783-ND SI5380-D-EVB
336-4958-ND SI5383-D-EVB
336-SI5382A-E-EVB-ND SI5382A-E-EVB
336-SI5386A-E-EVB-ND SI5386A-E-EVB
336-SI5381A-E-EVB-ND SI5381A-E-EVB
336-3247-ND SI5380-EVB
336-4117-ND SI5381E-E-EVB
336-4118-ND SI5382E-E-EVB
336-4119-ND SI5386E-E-EVB
Si5332 Si5332-32SKT-DK, Si5332-40SKT-DK,
The number of pins in the socket must match the device
being programmed. The Si5332E/F/G/H embedded crystal
products in 40-pin LGA and 48-pin LGA packages are currently not supported.
Si5338/56 N/A Socket boards are available as a standalone programmer,
P/N Si5338/56-PROG-EVB
Si5350/1/7 N/A No sockets are available for this part.
Si534x/8x/9x Si538x4x-44SKT-DK, Si538x4x-56SKT-DK,
Si5392/94 44-pin devices work with Si538x4x-44SKT-DK, the
Si5395 works with the Si538x4x-64SKT-DK sockets. LGA
and QFN parts fit in the same socket.
Si536x, Si540x, Si55xx Si55xx-72SKT-DK The Si55xx-72SKT-DK requires an external 5V power supply.