Slow blow glass fuses/bridge rectifiers


I’m after some glass slow blow fuses for an Atari power brick.
4 x 240V 4A
1x 32V 25A

The Bel Inc fuses are much cheaper than say the littlefuse are but is there any difference in quality?

Also, the bridge rectifier on the Atari power brick was originally a 3502 but replaced by a 3504
the difference being 200V or 400V 35A.

DigiKey sell both but is it advisable to now use the 400V 35A (3504) rather than the 3502?

Lastly, fuse block holders I can’t seem to find in DigiKey.

I’m after a fuse block that will hold 5 fuses with spade connectors like the original block on an Atari power brick, like Pole Position or Tempest.

The fuse block needs to be 20A or more rated to withstand the 32V 25A supply going through which was an Atari update as the 32V kept blowing so they changer the capacity of the fuse block holders.

Hope someone can advise on the above


Hi diezeltruck,

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Regarding Bel Fuse, they are a quality company, so I would have no hesitation in using them.

Using a bridge rectifier with a higher voltage rating is just fine. It behaves exactly the same in the circuit, and it will handle higher voltages without sustaining damage.

For 5-place fuse holders with spade terminals, we have these:

03540805ZXGY 20A
03540905ZXGY 30A


Thanks for the advice.

The fuse block in an Atari power brick has quite wide/substantial spades but having already ordered in the past from the US a 5 circuit chassis mount unfortunately it came with smaller male spade connectors to the more robust female spades on my Atari power brick.

Will the 30A be a larger spade to the 20A???

Fuse Block 20 A 600V 5 Circuit Cartridge Chassis Mount

Fuse Block 30 A 600V 5 Circuit Cartridge Chassis Mount


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Both of the fuse holders I mentioned have the 1/4" wide male quick-connect terminals, which are the larger of the terminal sizes one typically comes across, though I have seen 5/16" (0.312") terminals on rare occasions. I don’t believe we have any fuse holders with terminals wider than 1/4". The mating 1/4" female terminals we carry commonly will take as large as 10awg wires, though we do carry a few which can handle up to 8awg.