Hello thank you in advance. I had to post other pictures as replies. When we are trying to connect an led driver to the smart dimmer and then to the light, we are getting just 0.5v and nothing is happening. The light is supposed to flash and were supposed to plug it three times. Then we connected it to a dc power supply and it burned. I plan to connect it to a hlg 40 a today so im wondering if that would work thank you

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Hello ryanatcentral,
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I’m not familiar with this setup, so I do not know why it would not work.
Maybe one of the engineers can look at it, and give you some suggestions.

Oh thank you very much i appreciate it.

@ryanatcentral What it looks like caused the issue is the LED driver being plugged into the smart dimmer. The LED driver is constant current, this means that it is going to the increase the voltage on the output until 450mA is conducted in the circuit. When the LED driver was connected, the voltage that was seen by the controller was probably higher than 24V.

From what I can find online for your smart dimmer, only a DC power supply is needed. The input voltage can accept 5-24V and it will adjust to the voltage that is needed.

When wiring the controller into the circuit leave the LED driver out of it. Connect a DC power supply into the controller and connect the controller to the LED light.

Thank you so much. I was just wondering what you think made the dc output that we plugged in after the driver, thats when it failed and immediately we could smell it and it burned out as in the photo

The part could have been wounded from the LED driver voltage, meaning that it was no longer in spec. When the DC power supply was connected, the part then fully failed.