PC and LED driver connection for LEDs


Could you please advise on power supply and PC interface wiring for 50 LEDs?

The max voltage could be 36V, and total power for 50 LEDs could be ~550 Watt. What we need are:

(1) individual power control of each LED, e.g. varying current for each individual LED independently (while keeping voltage the same), or vice versa.

(2) continuous stepsize as smooth as possible for LED dimming, e.g. what is the minimum stepsize for LED current/voltage change? Thank you.


The concept shown in the image above is/was an “intelligent” lighting system made by Color Kinetics. Such systems require the integration of power conversion and communication functions into each luminaire. While Digi-Key does offer a wide variety of components of the sort used to engineer such systems, we do not carry finished products of this type at the current time.

I would suggest contacting Color Kinetics or a similar supplier of value-added lighting solutions for currently-available products which might meet your needs. “smart lighting” is a search term which may help you find additional options.

Got it, thank you.