SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating

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One of caps was 220uf not 22, I found one with 50V - EMZR500ARA221MHA0G
Would it work?

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Checking if anyone would be able to check my thoughts on these caps found in an LCD monitor video board.

I’ve located replacements from Nichicon UCQ series which an audio series and I’d like feedback if there would be a better option given the application. I believe one of the originals is a Nichicon M3 series but I can’t find specs on that series.

Most confusing to me are the values like 10A and 16S which I’m expect may be a voltage with size, but that’s a guess. The diameters are of the originals, the replacements listed are of the same size (at least the datasheet says they are).


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looking at the list of parts you have, they are all good replacement parts for the original parts. The A and S in the 10A and 16S would be series indicators.

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Thank you Anthony!

do you know what is the voltage and capacitance of the capacitor at the attached picture? I beleive is 560uF at 4Volts. This capacitor is from a



Thank you for your post.

Using this datasheet from Nichicon as an example, the capacitance and voltage markings would be correct.

2024CAT8100M_web用_027_038.indd (

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