SMT tape

I have lots of components and empty reels. I want to buy the plastic tape and other things I’d need to make my own 8mm spools from the component cut strips I have.

Where do I start for this? I don’t know what to search for… :slight_smile:

Hello @jensa

Unfortunately, we do not sell the plastic tape and the things needed to make your own reel. You may want to search for those products on google.

Ok, but what would I search for? :slight_smile:

Think I found it! “SMD cover tape extenders” is a good start. “SMT Carrier Tape” or “SMT Cover Tape” will also work.

Hi @jensa,

We do have the items to make your own reels from our Marketplace suppliers. Here are some links:

Blank plastic reels
Splice Tape
Splicing Shims
Carrier Tape for leaders and trailers

Sierra Electronics’s Supplier Marketing Center would be a good hub for most of these products. Let us know if you have any issues finding anything else to complete an assembly.