Do you have product or supplier suggestions?

Hi engineering community!

Is there something you’d love to see Digi-Key start carrying in terms of products or suppliers? This is a very informal poll process for both internal and external users on how we can serve you better.


SK hynix Official Product Website | SK hynix

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Here is another idea. If these don’t make the manufacturer list, maybe they could make the MarketPlace Product list?
PowerMax Converters - Battery Chargers Power Supplies Inverters Generators

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Hi Lindsay,

Would be great if you could stock Takachi enclosures.

Digi-key T-shirt (as well as component vendors’ T-shirts and other marketing apparel).

Heke, AsamaLab

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closing the loop with this suggestion to Create SiTime PN from:


I’d like to order SiTime part number SiT8008BI-73-YYE-12.000000. Can you please add it to your website?

Hi @Rolf_Horn, you’d request the SiTime part number here under this post: How to order custom SiTime Programmable Oscillators

Thanks for closing the loop