Metal Electrical Enclosure


I bought the following plastic electrical enclosure off Amazon. Is there a metal equivalent of the same dimensions sold by Digikey? I ordered it and the box and backplane work well to mount the components but I can see that they’re quite fragile as they’re all made of plastic.

This is going to go in the trunk of my car for the major electrical components and I’m worried that one bump or pothole will be all it takes to break everything up and cause an electrical short.


closes options we have that are metal 1441-1085-ND

Tech ref # T4488128

Ok those are great but a bit spendy. Maybe just a metal mounting plate (backplane) would be ok. I measured
the plastic one at 12.125” x 8.25” x 0.150”. Can you recommend something equivalent?

I do not show a mounting plate that would work from what I can tell.

This Bud Industries box might fit your needs.

Okay thanks for checking!

Hi Paul. This looks idea.

Does the part number SN-3706 come with the matching “internal panel”, “body” and “cover”? i.e. are all parts included?

If so I think this is a great solution. I will place an order.

On the datasheet it shows the hinged cover is spot welded to the body so that has to be included.

Often internal panels and hardware are separate on lower cost boxes. The Digi-Key page seems to indicate that the internal panel is included but to be sure I always check the Bud Industries web site.

There I found:

Internal panel and hardware included.

So you should be all set.

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Great thank so much for looking that up. It was difficult to see that from the drawings alone. I ordered the box. I appreciate the support.

There’s two other things:

  1. Glands for the box. There’s quite a few cables going into it. Can you recommend some glands for a 5/8" drilled hole and approximately 0.500" diameter cable?

  2. I’m going to mount this box in the trunk of the car. Can you recommend a mounting solution that doesn’t involve drilling through the trunk into the outside of the car? I was thinking of some industrial-strength velcro, but would be interested in seeing if you know of any other options. Photo of the trunk is attached.

  1. That sort of thing is filed here. You’ll likely need a bigger hole or smaller cable, since the difference between your numbers isn’t really enough to get the job done. One can select a Panel Hole Size in the desired ballpark, and compatible wires diameters appear to be listed in descriptions.

  2. 3M makes a series of aggressive reclosable fasteners, which can be found listed here. One to start looking at might be SJ356010-1-ND. Else, the VHB tapes can be quite impressive, but not amenable to being moved once placed. I’d suggest a thicker option such as the 4959 in order to accommodate some flexure and uneven bonding surfaces.

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If you don’t mind having to paint them to avoid getting ugly with rust over the long term, you could use cheap normal electrical box wire clamps.