Sourcing question

We have an immediate need for 80,000 of your part# 513PB-ND, we need delivery to begin not 3 weeks. is there a different manufacturers product substitution that is dimensionally identical?

Hello @axsys,

I am not showing a switch cap recommended for Judco switches with that many pieces in stock. The best option if you need that many in that short of time would be to talk with our sales team and see if they are able to do a delivery information request. There may be a way to see if the parts could be expedited to speed up the 8 week lead time.

You can contact them via email at or by phone at 1-800-344-4539

Hi axsys,

Here are a few others you might consider:



They are quite a bit more expensive (though they are of a higher grade). Their shape is not identical, and they are more gray than black, but they have the same thread size (3/8-27) and enough internal space for most pushbutton switches, and their published lead-times are 4 weeks rather than 8 weeks.

You should follow Robert’s advice (above) about contacting our sales team to find out whether any of these could be expedited.

I started with the sales team and was pointed to here as the lead time could not be improved to the level needed. The switch size being enclosed are
o Acceptable alternatives:–
 Digi-Key: SWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPST 10A 14V-512PB-ND (Judco 40-4325-00)
 Digi-Key: SWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPST 2A 14V-504PB-ND (Judco 40-2385-01)
 Digi-Key: SWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPST 2A 505PB-ND (Judco 40-2386-00)
 Digi-Key: SWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPST 5A 14V-567PB-ND (Judco 40-4816-00)
 Digi-Key: SWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPST 5A 14V-545PB-ND (Judco 40-4526-00)

This a bit more helpful?

Same answer. There are two more APM switch boots which are essentially identical to the two APM Hexseal boots I listed above – only significant difference is they are clear rather than gray. However, I would expect the same lead-time for any of them. They are:


The boots I listed are the only ones in our database which have the same thread size and sufficient height/width for the Judco switches. I would inquire about these, specifically, if you think they would work for you.