Spectra Symbol SoftPot Wiper

The position sensors in the SoftPot series from Spectra Symbol use a wiper that moves across the surface of the sensor to change the desired measurement at the output. The wiper can be made from almost any material as long as the surface of the position sensor has 1~3 Newtons of pressure applied on top of the circuit. WP-M1-01-03-014-DI is the threaded wiper shown below that was designed to be used with these SoftPots but not necessary if other media is used.

Parts this applies to
905-1092-ND WP-M1-01-03-014-DI
905-1059-ND SP-R-0046-353-103-3%-RH
905-1062-ND SP-L-0050-103-3%-RH
905-1050-ND SP-L-0200-103-3%-RH
905-1058-ND SP-R-0046-353-103-5%-RH
905-1055-ND SP-L-0300-103-1%-RH
905-1051-ND SP-L-0200-103-1%-RH
905-1045-ND SP-L-0012-103-1%-RH
905-1042-ND SP-L-0100-103-3%-RH
905-1063-ND SP-L-0050-103-1%-RH
905-1048-ND SP-L-0170-103-3%-RH
905-1057-ND SP-L-0400-203-1%-RH
905-1064-ND SP-L-0750-203-3%-RH
905-1044-ND SP-L-0012-103-3%-RH
905-1061-ND SP-L-0500-203-1%-RH
905-1060-ND SP-L-0500-203-3%-RH
905-1046-ND SP-L-0150-103-3%-RH
905-1040-ND SP-L-1000-203-3%-RH
905-1052-ND SP-L-0025-103-3%-RH
905-1065-ND SP-L-0750-203-1%-RH
905-1047-ND SP-L-0150-103-1%-RH
905-1053-ND SP-L-0025-103-1%-RH
905-1049-ND SP-L-0170-103-1%-RH
905-1054-ND SP-L-0300-103-3%-RH
905-1056-ND SP-L-0400-203-3%-RH
905-1041-ND SP-L-1000-203-1%-RH
905-1043-ND SP-L-0100-103-1%-RH