Ssr proportional control pmp2425w

I have PMP2425W proportional relay When wired according to the schematic on the paperwork the relay does not function. when the wire for the 0-10 control is connected to the positive side of the circuit instead of the negative side the relay functions but in reverse. when the control is bypassed open circuit no power passes the relay When shorted the relay passes full power which is backwards from what i understand 0-10 dimming does. Any idea what is going on?

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Request you attach a schematic showing the connections to the relay. Please include the control as well as the load circuitry. Be sure to include grounds.

Given the schematic we can better understand what you mean by β€œthe wire” and when shorted."

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have attached the schematic. The control is a sinking 0-10 vdc. The wire I was referring to is the control negative connection when wired according to this diagram the relay does not function at all. When the negative control connection is moved to the positive side of the power source it functions but in reverse. I bypassed the control and open circuit the relay goes to 0 output and with the control wires shorted together it goes to 100% on which is the opposite of how a 0-10 control is supposed to function in my understanding.

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Hello @schaun,

Does the proportional function of the relay operate as expected?

For example, how does it respond when a variable resistor is used as shown in this schematic.


  1. The PMP2425W flyer and datasheet show different connections for the L1 and T1 connections.

  2. Neither the datasheet nor the flyer shows a ground reference AC mains. For the schematic I have assumed placed the SSR into the conventional high side of the load.

I am sending this note to the Sensata rep with request for clarification.



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