Starboard holder, connector or other altenative


I would like to know the alternatives available to me to fix the starboard. I am open to everything, support, solderless connector, screws or other.

I would like to find for the following model:



thank you in advance

@ KKirouac


Are you looking for mounting and installation guides for these products? I didn’t see any material on the manufacturer sites, but I can ask for that if you wish.

In general, though, most options are open after consideration for heat dissipation. Those calculations are often left up to the customer, though, and may include “lab testing” (wherever you are working). For example, see the quote below for general guidance on a similar product (not New Energy). This is often the type of information that is listed because the manufacturer can’t cover all of the possible setups that customers might choose.

"When attaching the star board to an aluminum plate, it can be attached using a thermal epoxy which both bonds the device in place and provides thermal coupling. It can also be attached using a couple of screws in the divots on the side of the star board. When using screws to attach the star board, thermal paste must be used between the star board and the aluminum plate. Ensure that the screw heads do not short out the solder pads by using insulating nylon washers or similar.

Once the star boards with LEDs are mounted to the aluminum plate, appropriately sized wires can be soldered to the edge pads to connect the LED to other LEDs and to the source driver."


For the moment, I fix them using screwing and thermal paste.

I have never used thermal epoxy, do you have any advice? Is it definitively stuck?

Are the star thermal pads like this an alternative to epoxy?

But what I would really like to find are alternatives like the images attached to this post :


@ KKirouac

Each thermal epoxy may have different properties for various applications, but in general the LEDs are more difficult to remove, later. One example that I found required baking at a minimum temperature to break the epoxy bond. That might be awkward if you have them mounted on panels. The supplier documents might also list shear strength, tensile strength, etc.

The thermal pads are another choice. Some have adhesive, but I don’t think you can rely on that for holding the LED in place. They conveniently fit the shape of the LED, though. As with other products, the thermal conductivity is usually listed as a spec, and the calculations from there are left to each user in their own application.

The other types of heatsinking products shown in your photos are in the same LED Thermal Product category as the star thermal pad. Many of these are associated with a specific product or series, though (For Use With/Related Products filter), and were designed to fit those, specifically. They may or may not be interchangeable.

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