Starting capacitor for propdrive v2 5050 580kv brushless motor


I want a starting capacitor for propdrive v2 5050 580kv brushless motor. It operates under a heavy starting load.

The battery is 22.2 volts and 5 amps. I know nothing of how to choose a capacitor.

Motor specs:

Model: PROPDRIVE v2 5050 580KV
KV: 580KV
Max current: 90A
ESC: 100A
Cell count: 4s~6s LiPo
Bolt holes: 25mm
Bolt thread: M4
Shaft: 6mm
Connectors: 4mm Bullet
Weight: 331g

Performance Data (4S):
17x6: 890W, 67A, 3759g static thrust
18x6: 1018W, 78A, 4160g static thrust
18x7: 1108W, 86A, 4604g static thrust

Performance Data (6S):
13x6: 1189W, 58A, 4225g static thrust
13x8: 1433W, 72A, 5263g static thrust
14x7: 1591W, 82A, 5517g static thrust


A “starting capacitor” is typically used with single-phase AC induction motors, not brushless DC motors of the sort referenced.

The same type of shops that supply hobby motors of that sort usually also supply the necessary electronic motor controllers needed to drive them. No separate capacitors should be necessary.

The Electronic Speed Controller for this DC Brushless Motor has two 1000µf capacitors mounted to it.
I’m wondering if mounting more capacitors right next to the motor would take some of the start load as I am pushing the motor just a little harder then it was designed to do. See attached photo.


Thanks! Jeffrey


As far as I can tell Brushless DC motors don’t need caps like the brushed or AC motors do.
So it maybe that controller can do both brushed and brushless. Or they are there for other parts of the circuit.

I would expect little to no benefit from additional input capacitance. An upgraded power source may or may not offer improvement depending on if its performance (or lack thereof) is a contributing factor, but it’s equally likely that the motor characteristics themselves are the main source of difficulty. Just as one cannot expect to fit two gallons into a one-gallon bucket, there’s a limit to what can be expected when “pushing” a motor of any type.