I have purchased 2 of these from Digikey. However, I keep getting error messages when connecting to the chip. I believe I must have made a mistake somewhere. Does anyone knows if there is some other possibility that would generate the error msg? Or how do we go about this?

Thanks in advance!


Could you please share the error message(s) you’re getting, and what hardware/software you’re using?


Could there a need to change the driver files in the ST UNICO-GUI V9.15.0 application? With some guides (instructions), we can try change it.

Please note we using the latest mother board, STEVAL MKI109V3.

FYI, I double checked that the motherboard (STEVAL MKI109V3) with other board (STEVAL-MKI207V1), it were functioning without issue.

I don’t claim familiarity with this evaluation platform, but per this thread on ST’s forum, it would appear that there’s a directory labeled DFU contained within the UNICO installation that may contain motherboard firmware and update instructions.

Your error message would appear to indicate a communications failure; a software hiccup seems the most likely explanation, though a hardware issue might also be possible. (The device isn’t plugged in backwards by any chance…?)