STM32MP1C-DK2 ssh connection error

I followed this tutorial : debian-getting-started-with-the-stm32mp157.

I have the STM32MP1C-DK2 with debian 10

When I try to do a ssh connection, it says ‘incorrect password’ but I know that i write the right one.

I found a way to connect, using ssh-keygen -R 192.168.x.x
Then I have to write the password of my computer.
After that, using ssh debian@192.168.x.x, I have to write yes to this question Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no/[fingerprint])? and then put the debian password.

It’s not very user friendly and I would like to connect without this procedure.

Do you know what I have to do ?

The second part of my question is that, since a couple of days, when I connect in ssh, after a few seconds the connection is closed by the remote host and I cannot connect again (connection refused)
I tried to modify some things in the ssh_config file but it doesn’t solve the problem…


That ssh “security” prompt, actually comes from you “host” machine, not the target board… There are multiple ways to disable this security prompt:

For example: How to Use SSH Stricthostkeychecking

Another method to bypass password authencation, is to just copy your ssh key over… It’ll still ask you something the “first” time, but then after it’ll just login… Also remember if you reflash your board, you will have to remove/update the saved “target” information on your host pc, as ssh will be very vocal about something changed…

Copy ssh key over:

ssh-copy-id debian@192.168.x.x

Login without password:

ssh debian@192.168.x.x

This smells more like a lockup, was there any error messages over the serial debug terminal?