Strain relief

Most D-shaped backshells come with metal strain relief clamps.

Where can I buy them separate?


Hello andreas.fischer, welcome to the Forum Community. I have found that type of clamp included with many of the backshell assemblies, but I did not find that we offer them as a separate item. We do have d-sub cable clamps such as these but we unfortunately do not offer the type you’re looking for, apart from the backshells.

09670029104 may be an example of something that would work, but not in stock at the moment…

Generally speaking, the “accessories” family for the connector type (dsub, circular, etc.) is the go-to place to look for such things.

Thanks for the hints.
Actually, I have found it meanwhile: GPHYYSRKIT by NorComp
where the YY is the size of the connector (09 … 50)


Unfortunately, it is not (yet?) available via DigiKey.

Best, Andreas

It looks like the only one available to order at Digi-Key is the 25 position. Part number GPH25SRKIT