Clamp inside D-sub backshell

Can the clamp that is in many D-sub backshells be bought on its own? I’m not sure if the pasted image will show for you, but it is of a backshell with such a clamp shown. The clamp consists of two U-shaped meal pieces and two screws. The U-shaped pieces have a hole in each end, one threaded for a screw and the other unthreaded and slightly larger

That should be “metal”, not “meal”

dualem, thank you for your inquiry on the TechForum. Unfortunately we do not have these available as a separate piece.


I found HARTING 09670029104, so it appears that 2 of these, 2 bolts and 2 nuts would give the same result as the clamp that comes with the backshell

Hi dualem,

This appears to be the only clamp we carry, but it does not include the extra hardware for it. Depending on the size of screw you need, below may be a few options to consider, please review physical size specifications and the datasheets as these aren’t directly recommended for this housing:

Click here for H743-ND | H742-ND

M3 Nut
Click here for M3 nut H762-ND (100 min qty)

Screw/Nut Set:

Thanks for the suggestions.

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