Dear Support,
I want to buy an SW-QUARTUS-SE-FIX subscription, it says "
Electronically Delivered", I would like a USB dongle type license ID.
how and when should I specify this requirement before I make the PO.


Hi @DavidSun Altera (now Intel) dropped support for external USB Dongles a few years back


The License would be fixed (or floated) to your End User’s NIC address on their development system.


Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your prompt response, I have a project as a consultant, to purchase a fixed license is too expensive compare to the return, do you know if there is a short term license that like pay as you go or loan the license for just half year or one year.

Best Regards,

David Sun

Hi David, I’m sorry, we only list 1 year term license thru Altera/Intel for Quartus. You can try contacting them directly


Maybe I have to buy one, thank you very much.