Customer Inquiries about INTEL SW-ONE-QUARTUS

Two common customer inquiries regarding INTEL’s SW-ONE-QUARTUS are shown below.

  1. Is the product shown on the website Intel Quartus Prime Pro v21.3 2?
  2. I see that it supports both Windows and Linux. If I purchase a fixed license, can I install both Windows and Linux version of Intel Quartus Prime Pro?

Here are the answers to these inquiries:

  1. You will get the latest version available and everything below and all the updates for the life of Quartus Prime license. Once the license expires you will still have the ability to use the software with all the versions up to the expiration of the license.

  2. Fixed seat licenses are locked to an individual piece of hardware. If you applied a fixed seat license to a particular computer, it is only worthwhile to install the software on that computer. A fixed seat license may be purchased with multiple seats so that the software may be licensed and installed on as many computers as you have seats for. If you want to move the software from one machine to another, you must deactivate the software on the first machine and reapply it to the new machine. Fixed licenses cannot have their software accessed via remote desktop. The same fixed license can be installed on a Windows system and a Linux system, but you would not be able to do it at the same time.