Swing lockset with gear

NEED HELP ON SWING LOCKSET WITH GEAR For data cabinet swing door. Please help me on the part number of this lock SET please.

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Here is a link to our cabinet handles. You will want to verify the dimensions to see if any can replace yours.

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Hi,these sre some hole dimentions with the gear:

Hi. Folowup on this please. No same item from the list

Hello @Clemen, I took a look at Andy’s list and did another search based on the new photos and measurements you provided, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like we stock a match for this lockset.

The absolute closest I could get to a match was this handle from Elesa USA- 4175-421115-ND, and the CLT series also from Elesa USA (linked here). Unfortunately, while these options look very similar on first glance it seems unlikely that they’ll match up to your existing assembly, even if they fit in the same panel cutout. They would likely fit the physical space that the old handle was installed in, but I have doubts as to whether they’d be the same in function.

Hi, the link you provided is unavailable

Maybe i should buy the key mechanism and use the old swing handle. Do you have those below.