Symbols for SiLabs Thunderboard

I have attempted to find or create, a Symbol for Silicon Lab’s Thunderboard: SLTB010a / 839-54-00173.


  1. Does a Symbol already exist?
  2. If not, can you provide an example that would be similar to the Thunderboard?
  3. The items that I need for this Symbol are includes: Two rows of pins, with 10 pins per row, its unique pin numbering, and pin labeling.

Hello Red,
It does appear that there is a symbol on DigiKeys Scheme-it linked HERE. It is listed under Documents & Media on the product page for SLTB010A.
Would this be what you are looking for?

Hi Nick,

Using your link below, I am able to display the Thunderboard, and copy it to my project. This is the symbol I was trying to find.

Not sure how to get to the “Documents & Media” product page, and to other Symbols. I would also like to find other Symbols for products I am buying from Digi-Key for my projects e.g. connectors and power converters (RECOM).

Suggestion: It would sure be nice if a manual was available.

Bob Dubke

Technology Ideas Corporation


The Documents & Media section of the product is below the parameters on the document page. Not all products will have a symbol, but you may be able to find some on the Scheme-It. You are able to search if you go to the link I provided in the last post and enter your part into the search bar on the top left by the DigiKey logo, as pictured below.

In regard to the tutorial, you may find useful information on the Scheme-It section of the forum, found here.

Hi Nick,

Can the HELP page be printed for “Creating Custom Symbols”?

Bob Dubke


For something on the forum, it shouldn’t be an issue with you printing it off for personal use.

HI Nick,

My printing problem is not with TechForum.

· My printing issue is that I cannot print the HELP “Basic Shapes” and the “General Shortcuts” portions of Scheme-It.

· I am suggesting that you add a Print Button that allows me to print any/all portions of the HELP files.

My Immediate problem is the “Stack” memory size error. The size of the stack size needs to be increased.

· This is something only your Scheme-IT programmers can fix.

· This error is preventing me from coping items within my project.

· In addition, I cannot copy any items from that project to a new project.

I want to create at least two more projects, and I am concerned that I will end up with the same “Stack” memory size error.

You are most welcome to call me today, if that would be helpful. I should be available all day today.

Bob Dubke

Technology Ideas Corporation

Hi @red
For building symbols you’ll want to refer to the Symbol Builder help page. We don’t currently have a way to print the pages, but if there is something specific you would like to have access to, please DM me and I can get you a copy.

The Scheme-it team is currently looking into the stack memory error. Are you able to isolate if this is caused by a specific symbol (or multiple)? The workaround may be to replace these symbols while the team reviews. In the meantime, could you please send your project name or link so they can try to recreate your specific issue?