TCX Corp. TCXO part no compatibility

The TCXO 7Z38470005 from TXC Corp breaks with the part numbering scheme found on the TXC webpage. I wonder whether the 7Z38470005 can be used instead of 7Z-38.400MBG-T (also from TXC)? Specwise the components looks compatible, but some difference I assume it must be… vs


The difference is:

7Z38470005 : 1.8V ~ 3.3V

7Z-38.400MBG-T : 3.3V

One fluctuates in voltage while the other has a set voltage.

These are the only differences in the parts.

What do you mean with “voltage fluctuates”? I thought these voltage levels were referring to the supply voltage range supported, meaning that the 7Z38470005 supports a wider supply voltage range than 7Z-38.400MBG-T?