TE heat shrink boots - supplied and recovered length

From time to time, we get some “complaints” from the customers that they got TE heat shrink boots/caps not according to the spec.
Let’s take for example the p/n 202K111-25-01-0 (A101510-ND)
The complaint was: “Required length - 39mm, received - 18.49mm

The drawing provided by TE, shows the following data:

It can be clearly seen that the overall length “P” is mentioned only for the part after it was heated and shrunk: “Part after unrestricted recovery” and there is no any data for the length of the boot before
it is shrunk: “Part as supplied
That means that the length of the supplied boot is undefined and can be of any value. What is important is that after the boot is shrunk it gets the length as specified: 39mm +/- 10%

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