Television Antenna - Cable Connector ( F Type )

The screw threaded connector commonly found on televisions coming from the cable provider and cable box to the television is referred to as an F Connector or F-Type Coaxial Connector.

Common unterminated bulk cable/spool coaxial cable types used in residential and commercial applications with F Connectors is RG-59 and RG-6 with a 75 Ohm impedance.

Be sure to pay attention to match the coaxial cable type with the coaxial connector that is purchased for compatibility with sizing.

Click here for pre-terminated coaxial cables of various lengths

Click here for options for Male Pin Cable Mounted F-Type Coaxial connectors in crimp, compression and twist termination types

Click here for F-Type adapters to allow for panel mounted pass-throughs, extending existing cables or right angle adapters for tight spaces

Click here for manual F-Type connector crimp tools for both standard Crimp and Compression termination method types.

Pay attention to match with the termination method of your chosen connector