Tensorflow/ML/IoT Hardware


I just wanted to have your advice about a product design using components from Digikey.

I am trying to put together a small system/board using a microcontroller that could support high calculations such as deep learning implementation taking into consideration the memory too. Could you please guide me to a product with such capabilities in addition to the ability to use a wifi connection for IoT features?

Is there a processor that can support Tensorflow/Tensorflow Lite as a language?

I thank you very much for your help.

Hi @Mounir one of our best option at the moment are these Google based “Coral” accelerators:


They also come in stand-alone m.2 slot based devices…


Hello @RobertCNelson,

Thank you for your reply. I went through its datasheet, I could not find the information on which programming language it does support.
Is it compatible with Tensorflow Lite? Also, Is there any “reduced” version of it because I only need the processor and Wi-Fi for connectivity only.
Thank you in advance for your help.


There are multiple modules with different SBC’s the libraries can be found here:

Here’s all the different devices with this Module:


Hi Mounir,

According to the TensorFlow website, the following platforms support TensorFlow Lite and have WiFi capability:

ESP-EYE - Espressif ESP-EYE
1597-102991299-ND - Seeed Wio Terminal: ATSAMD51

Hello @David_1528 @RobertCNelson,

Thank you for your replies. They are very helpful. The proposed options are interesting and fall into my project requirements.
I still have an inquiry about one board in this forum topic; Do you have in your stock the AZ 3166 or any other helpful information regarding it.

I really appreciate your time.


Hi @Mounir

17 in stock today: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/seeed-technology-co-ltd/102990944/9991614

Seeed has good directions here:

and Microsoft here: Azure MXChip IoT DevKit Get Started - Code Samples | Microsoft Docs


Hi @RobertCNelson,

Thank you for the quick reply.
Do you know how the AZ 3166 compares with the previously proposed Google-based “Coral” accelerators by you and the Espressif ESP-EYE and the ATSAMD51 proposed by @David_1528 ?

Thank you in advance.


Of those 3, Espressif’s WiFi is more supported in third part applications then RTL8720DN (SAMD51) and finally the AZ3166’s WiFi…

The “Coral”, is a pure AI accelerator…


@RobertCNelson and @David_1528,

Thank you very much for your help and time.

Best Regards,