Looking for SOC - Support Android 6

Hi folks!

I’m pretty noob when it comes to electrical engineering but I am trying to find a SOC or put together something that supports.

-Needs to support wifi
-USB-C charging + data transfer
-Support for Touch Screen Display
-Support for UART comm
-Needs to support Android 6 (min 2gb ram), preferably quadcore
-Then one more i/o to handle a simple trigger

I don’t want to go with a dev kit (like beaglebone-black), so definitely need some educating on piecing this from scratch.

How much from “scratch” ?? Would you be willing to look at SOM’s or compute modules?


Or do you want to design everything?


Hi @RobertCNelson, upon further investigation, I think at this phase I will hold off on designing everything from scratch.
I probably want a SOM or Computer-on-module.

It looks like this isn’t available, what is something comparable to this (where it’s under $100):

Thank you!

Hi @tim.nuwin, that device is brand new, let me ping the supplier to get an update. :wink: