QCC 5141/3046 Requirement

Hello Digi-Key Engineers,

We are working on a pair of headphones which will create a new market and scale FAST.
We are funded by a billion dollar company.

We need assistance Quickly Procuring either the 3046 chips or 5141 chips. We need them within 1-2 months and without paying $200 each per module to desolder the chips.
So, if anyone knows Qualcomm Audio support persons, it would be greatly appreciated if we can purchase some chips along with the development kit(s)/module(s).

Further, we are wondering if, given the choice between these two chips, the 5141 is pending certifications such as FCC/CE which the 3046 already has.
Last, we wonder if the 5141 is pending firmware development platform integrations which would make it tedious to work with given it was released less than 6 months ago.

Thank you so much for your assistance and insight, even if there is no path to procurement of the desired type! Pierce@PARSOUND.com if it’s easiest.