Terminology for Wide Chip Parts

Have you ever tried to search for a “Long Side Soldering” or “Long Side Solder” chip part but couldn’t find what you needed? I had a customer recently ask me for a part like this (a 2512 sized chip resistor) and didn’t know what style they were referring to. I offered them our standard 2512 parts and was confused as to how it could be different because they called those parts “Short Side Soldered”. I was frustrated that I could not find that terminology elsewhere and thought this post might be useful when I found out what they meant.

It turns out that these parts are referred to, in our system, as Wide packaged parts. Wide packaging is where the solder pads are designed along the length of the part instead of the width of the parts. This design is atypical but does have its uses. Here are a few photographic representations to help see the difference.

Typical Susumu 0805:

Wide Susumu 0805:

Typical Panasonic 1206:

Wide Panasonic 1206: