I ordered the wrong resistors!

My latest order just arrived today. I ordered some 0603 LEDS which are correct. However, the resistors I ordered are physically too small.

Resistors don’t seem to come in the same sizes as LEDs. How can I order 510 ohm and 24k resistors that are the same size os the 0603 LEDS?

Sorry to hear that, Bart. Just so we know specifically to which parts you are referring, so we can get this right, what part numbers did you order?

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I ordered, and received part numbers:
311-510LRCT-ND 510 ohm 1% 1/16W
311-24KLRCT-ND 24k 1%

Both these packages do say they are 0402 size but I didn’t see that on the page where I ordered them. I know this is my mistake, but I really don’t want to repeat it. So, I’m asking


Here are the equivalents in 0603 size:

Just as a side note for future reference:

Be careful about how package sizes are specified. There is both an “Imperial” code (a.k.a. the Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) standard) and a “Metric” code for specifying size of small rectangular components, and a few of them have the same callout despite being different actual sizes.

Specifically, both use 0201, 0402, 0603, and 1005 (actually 01005 for EIA). See this chart I found from here:

This is why we try to give actual dimensions as well as the “Package/Case” name and the “Supplier Device Package” name.


Thank you so much! I have ordered replacements.

You know, I feel so much more tolerant when someone else makes a mistake then when it’s my fault.

You’re far from the first to do so, and you won’t be the last.