Texas Instruments TPS709 series Suffix Information

The Texas Instruments TPS709 series of linear regulators are ultralow quiescent current devices designed for power-sensitive applications. A precision band-gap and error amplifier provides 2% accuracy over temperature. These are two IC packages available for this device, namely SOT23 & WSON.

When looking at the part number for this series, you may find some extra suffixes, as below:

Q1 – This calls out an Automotive grade device, AEC-Q100 qualified, e.g. TPS70933QDBVRQ1;
M1 – This is a manufacturer internal code which represents a particular fabrication flow in manufacturing. There is no material difference with & without the -M1, e.g. TPS70933DRVRM3

The TPS70933EVM-110 Evaluation Module can act as a reference design for engineering demonstration and evaluation of the TPS709xx series linear regulator (LDO).