TF316CFA104AY - will this work for a fridge ice dispenser


I have a samsung fridge where the ice dispenser is broken. I took it out and found that there was a leak into some of the components and corrosion has affected 2 LED pcbs and a switch that controls the ice lever. I have attached a picture of the switch I need replacing, it seems to match this TF316CFA104AY but the part I’m replacing does not have the additional metal part above the switch. Is there a closer match or can I remove that metal part? Thanks!

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You can use that switch, and cut off the metal lever, or you can look at Z12404-ND. This one is rated for the same 16A, has the correct connections, and does not have the lever.
Technical Refereence Number is T4275661

I strongly recommend you do not attempt to modify the lever as it can damage the switch in unpredictable ways and in a mains powered appliance that can be dangerous.

Here is the exact same switch as you found but the version without the roller lever.

Thanks for that David. That one you reference looks bigger than what I need and the case is pretty exact where it needs to go.

Great Paul! That is exactly what I need. I wasn’t too confident in modifying the switch I’d found so the product you found matches exactly what I need. Let’s hope it’s this $6 part and not the $100 lever dispenser assembly that I’m trying to avoid paying for :slight_smile:

Checking the datasheet, they are the same 27.8mm long. The one Paul offered is the same manufacturer as the on with the lever, but matches what you are looking for also.

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